Made in Germany

We put strong emphasis on quality and effectiveness. Both are included in our BLUEMAT system and characterizes our manufacturing processes. Our machines feature a high level of automation for quick and precise production.

From extrusion of the capillary pipe through manufacturing the mats to the process of welding plastics to packing and tightness tests, this is the way in which we manufacture our BLUEMATs. Capillary mats leave our plant after the quality control comprising 100% of them and with 15 years of guarantee.

Our engineers are environment engineers and designers. Each system is tailored individually to the size of the house and packed as a ready product.

BLUEMATs – the top quality products

The Geoclima design systems are more effective than the surface heating based on the single tube meanders due to exceptionally large heat exchange surface and the result of diminishing the temperature of heat supply. Testing conducted by the TÜV confirmed it by the example of floor heating.

The guarantee for all the BLUEMATs provides coverage for 15 years and is insured by the Allianz AG.