Each GeoClimaDesign system contains an individual technical design, which comprises:

Mat design, power supply design, design of the plaster board construction, designs of the verticals, stations, electrical components and revisions.


Design positioned on the horizontal plane with indication of the mat type, length and width as well as the situation of connection and all the connecting points for the supply and return. Description of all the heating / cooling circulation and additional detailed presentation for the system construction.

Power supply design

The connecting cables placed on the horizontal plane indicating all the dimensions, location of cable cabinets, possible fire fighting systems and assembly specifications or assembly in different time periods.

Design of the plaster board construction

The presentation of the direction of mounting the basic plasterboard construction profiles shown on the section with indication of distances, free areas, ceiling sockets for lighting or ventilation, columns or partition walls. Given with or without heating / cooling mats.

Design of verticals

Presentation of all the horizontal and vertical main power supply lines in the building between a heating/cooling device and electrical cabinets. Presentation of dimensions, branches, mass flow in the system in different points, details for penetration of the ceiling or walls, fire fighting means and kinds of assembly and lags between assemblies. In the case it is necessary the elements for consumption measurement such as water and heat meters can be considered.

Station design

Presentation of hydraulic stations with the pump and mass flow data, heat exchangers and construction temperatures, agitators with motors, switch over valves, adjustment devices, safety modules and buffer tanks, filling up and emptying devices, wells for the sensor probe. Apart from different assembly details, the dimensions of the whole installation can be considered.

Electrical design

Presentation of all the cable connections and the system connections with indication of cable specification and the data concerning outputs of the receivers. Indication of the places of the connections of a room regulator, control units, switch boards and HUBs, external temperature sensors, 230V sockets, connections of heating and cooling devices, their power supply and control cables.

Revision design

Making of a complete set of designs with all the changes arising in the course of assembly in connection with the technical data and the details of the origin of all the sub-assemblies.