Combined Solutions


Thermal – acoustic

The thermal – acoustic solutions of the BASWA acoustic AG combine excellent sound absorption with silent heating and cooling of the GEOCLIMA system. Apart from diminishing the reverberance time it allows adjustment of the temperature in a room without noise and air currents. Due to the activation of relatively large areas the difference in respect to the room temperature is relatively small. Thus these systems are suitable for connecting with the renewable (non-fossil) energy sources.

The thermal-acoustic solutions are processed in the double layer system – the base layer BASWA Base must be applied before applying the top layer. It is possible to use BASWA Base, Fine or Top as the finish layer. Selection of the final coat does not affect the heat efficiency.

Application possibilities:

– commercial and industrial buildings

– family houses

– historical buildings

– exhibition halls

– churches

– concert halls, operas, conference rooms,

– restaurants

– cinemas

– hotels, halls, auditorium halls

– recording studios, discos.