Products – Advantages

Heating and cooling – two functions, one distribution system

Heating system for heating and for cooling air conditioning? This division is not necessary any longer: The GeoClima System can do both. A capillary mat can be placed easily in any kind of ceiling made of plasterboard, in concrete, cement screed, plaster and soil. Ceiling, wall and floor heating and cooling systems offered by the GeoClima can be connected with any kinds of heating and cooling sources.


Energy efficiency

All boilers, heat pumps and coolers with the GeoClima system work in an exceptionally energy saving and economic way. A small distance between the capillaries and a large heat exchange surface assure very fast transfer of heat or cold. Water in the temperature of 30°C on the supply inlet is enough for heating. Savings are noticed quickly.


New buildings, old buildings, conservation of historical monuments

The capillary system suits perfectly the later assembly in existing buildings because its weight and assembly height are small and the mounted mats are invisible. Especially in poorly insulated buildings heat losses can be diminished substantially on external walls. Thus, conservation of historical buildings and energy efficiency do not rule out one another.


Geo + Solar

Low temperature of the capillary system supply forms the best condition for a heat pump output. Utilization of geothermal energy allows cooling for free. Even ground collectors and wells ensure low source temperature for complete natural cooling.


Durability + low maintenance costs

Durability is a strong side of the GeoClima system, because it’s completely composed from corrosion resistant modules. The capillary mats from polypropylene will outlast many generations.


Comfortable radiation heat and silent cooling

The ceiling is an ideal surface for heating/cooling, because it is the largest free space in a room. The GeoClima system working in the heating mode ensures comfortable, uniform radiation heat. Also the capillary cooling system is delicate and clean – without noise, draughts and dust.