For larger flexibility
in interior designing

The capillary mats are the most universal heating and cooling systems. Mounted invisibly in the ceiling, wall or floor, they enable elastic solutions for every building.


It allows the complete utilization of exceptional architecture and historical buildings can maintain their charm. Clinics can be heated and cooled without dust on the floors and draughts, hotel rooms reach the ideal temperature in short time, industrial buildings feature selective climate zones. At night, offices use the excessive heat they accumulate during day. Family houses heat up in a natural way, friendly for the environment and effective.

Invisible, but very effective

Extremely low height of assembly and small weight of the capillary mats result in the situation that many extraordinary assembly variants in new and old buildings become possible. These merits are appreciated especially in (historical) old buildings.

Quick reaction time of the GeoClima system has a special meaning in multifunctional rooms such as: community rooms or connections of a bedroom with a living room and in rooms filled with sunshine. Similarly, in room that are used irregularly, e.g. conference halls or holiday cottages. As the wood floor heating in the high quality thick floors the capillary heating fits very well due to its low temperatures for the system and even distribution.

Invisible, but very effective

Ground collectors, lawn heating, sports hall heating, ramp heating, ice cold rooms and also industrial building heating and cooling systems, in museums, historical and unusual architecture buildings, clinics, hotels and holiday rest resorts and in many more.